Introducing: Your Sweet Assassin

For all you dreamers,

You’re probably reading this wondering what’s so interesting about me, or my life, or anything else for that matter. Right about now, you are probably trying your hardest to escape the monotony of everyday life. To see something new as often as possible, and make something of the meager scraps from the table of life that has been given to you. But see that’s the thing, everything is interesting. You just have to look.

Everything in your life has led up to this exact moment, where you silently read about my life or maybe answer questions on a worksheet for a class you may or may not like. But no matter why you are reading about me, all the great and terrible things in your life has led you to this point in time where the two of us are connecting in a very unlikely way. Throughout the next year I want to connect with other writers, readers, and artists.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is what you choose it to be.

You can call me V. I live on the outskirts of a college town, where there isn’t much to do that hasn’t already been done. The teenagers who live here are often anxious to leave, and those who move here for school almost never return. The interesting thing is that the adults don’t seem to mind; silently trudging through the muggy weather to work. I think it’s because teenagers are the ones who have the strongest dreams that call them towards something better. They have a kind of hope that this town has yet to wrench away from them. My hope lives in my art. I know this because hobbies and past-times fade, but passion does not. I love to draw, sketch, and paint, as well as shoot photography and sculpt occasionally. I draw when I am expressing any strong emotion such as happiness, sadness, and even boredom. As with any passion, it is followed closely by dreaming. I dream loudly not only because there is a big world that needs to hear me, but I need to hear myself. I give you the gift of the knowledge that no matter where you end up in life it was the good, bad, and ugly decisions you made that led you there. Wherever you end up is exactly where you should be.

Your Sweet Assassin

i will keep dreaming

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