She was running.

Her heart beat loudly in her chest and her breath was short as her bare feet pounded the earth. The tall grass that normally would have felt so lovely caressing her calves now felt like a million lashes on her skin. Her hands were fisted at her sides and her arms swung rapidly as she climbed the incline of the meadow. She raced across the grass, closing the distance between her and the thick forest in front of her. She heard laughter behind her as she tripped on a root and fell to the ground. She scrambled to get up and started running, but not quickly enough. She hit the ground hard again as she was tackled. Hands latched onto her left ankle and her nails dug into the ground as she was pulled backward. She would have screamed but her throat was too raw from the cold night air. All she managed was to whisper a scared no.

Hands gripped her waist as she was thrown over someone’s shoulder and a blindfold covered her eyes. She tried to lash out around her but her hands and feet were bound quickly. She heard a thump from below her and winced as she heard a sword being drawn. Metal clanged as she was tossed to the ground. She ripped off the blindfold and saw the soldiers attacking someone, but the angle was all wrong. She rid herself of the rest of her bonds and jumped up. Soldiers fell one by one until none were left. A panting man stood looking at her holding a bloody sword. She ran to him as he dropped his weapon and grabbed her up. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face, which was now soaked with tears, into his neck. He held her tight as he walked her away from the mess and sat down.

“You came back for me. You shouldn’t have done that.” She managed to whisper to him.

“I’ll always come back. Besides you were supposed to wait for me, that was the plan, remember?” He kissed the top of her head while he spoke softly.

“The plan wasn’t going to work. Look at you, no reinforcements. I love you too much to wait around for something bad to happen to you.” She tossed the words out nonchalantly.

He lifted her chin so he could look her in the eyes to say, “I love you too, always.” She smiled up at him.

He looked at her curiously when she hiccupped once and the smile faded from her face fast. A tear rolled down her face and she pulled his face towards hers into a hurried kiss. He pulled his hand away from the small of her back when he felt moisture on it. It came away a deep red. He looked over her shoulder and saw the shaft of an arrow protruding from her back. He looked at her increasingly pale face and his eyes watered. “You’re going to be okay. Just stay with me, okay? Stay with me, love. Please, stay. Don’t leave me. You’re my everything. Please don’t leave me. I need you.” He picked her up and started carrying her towards the woods. Her eyes fluttered shut. He set her down gently and held her until her heart slowed. He cried over her still warm body and let out a raw cry.

Your Sweet Assassin


One Night


The salty night breeze blew her bangs in front of her eyes. She tucked the curls behind her ear, even though the wind blew them back within a few seconds. She was leaned over the banister of the ship, staring into the black depths of the ocean and listening to the sounds of the party on the deck just below her. It was the last night of the cruise, so close, she thought, to when she had to go back to her own life. Back to the same routine, school, home, sleep, school, home, sleep. But right now she was free. And she had allowed the rough edges of her personality to show the way she never would have at home. Yet, to her own surprise, she had made friends. They loved her wild nature at the time, the one that didn’t think twice about what she looked like, who she talked to, and what kind of impression she made. Her thoughts finally circled back to the present. And now… now there was a guy she didn’t know was standing in front of her. He said something but she couldn’t remember now.

She didn’t know what else to do so she gave an awkward laugh and said, “Hey.” She glanced at his eyes but quickly looked away when she realized  he had been and was still staring at her. After a moment she followed it up with, “Sorry, I’m just lost in thought right now.” He gave her an easy smile and told her not to worry about it.

When he started to back away she straightened up and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Oh, I don’t want to ruin your last night by intruding,” he said apologetically.

He started to turn but not before she reached out to stop him, “No, no. Stay.” He grinned and leaned on the banister next to her.

“I was wondering were you went- you weren’t with everyone else,” he said without making eye contact.

“Yeah, I just wanted to get some air for a minute or two, it was getting a little crowded in there,”  she said as she stuck her hands in her pockets.

He looked at her now when he said, “Oh, you wanted to catch a night as beautiful as you.” She felt the corners of her lips lift in a smile but she turned around before he could see. “So why are you really by yourself tonight? This night is beautiful and all, but its the last night of the cruise, you should be having fun.” He turned around as well and leaned back against the banister.

“What, you don’t think I’m having fun?” she asked in a teasing tone.

He turned and looked at her, “Well you seemed like you really enjoyed being around everyone else, and yet you’re out here, alone.”

She sighed. “Wanna crash the ice cream bar instead?”

“Mhm, no, I think I’d rather sit here with you and talk,” he looked her in the eyes. She shook her head and gave a small smile.

She looked up to say, “Do you ever feel like when someone meets you, they don’t actually meet you, they just meet who they think you could be?”

“I think I meet who the person wants me to meet. I can think all I want but in the end, you come up with who you want me to meet.” He looked out at the water before continuing, “To be honest though, I’d rather meet the real you, not who you just want to come off as.”

She thought for a moment. She looked him in the eyes and flattened her lips out into a grim line. And then she took a deep breath. “You really want to know me? You want to know all my flaws, all the things that make me imperfect? I don’t think you really do.”

He faced her and looked her in the eyes, “If thats the real you, then yes.”

who you are quote-1

Your Sweet Assassin

The Short Cut At The End Of The Street

It was an odd day.

But it hadn’t started out that way. In fact it had started out quite ordinarily.

It had been a quiet morning, fog lazily hanging low over the road, refusing to move even when the occasional truck lumbered past. Spurts of rain keep the ground moist and the puddles fresh. All in all, a pretty dreary morning to say the least. It was a day that you wouldn’t expect much from, and more than likely this wasn’t a day that would surprise you by suddenly becoming interesting or even a bit unusual. So of course, with nothing to expect, Maribelle trudged down the street towards the old run down library. On rainy days such as this, the library smelled faintly of mildew no matter how many candles the ancient librarian lit in protest. But this matters not, for on this particularly extraordinary yet seemingly ordinary day, Maribelle never made it to the library.

Maribelle often took the short cut off the end of the street through the Woods. Everyone else knew the woods were a dangerous place to go. Their mothers had all told them to never enter the woods alone, but Maribelle had lost her mother when she was just a toddler. And with no parents and no siblings to tell her otherwise, Maribelle continually wandered around in the Woods without the slightest care.

As soon as Maribelle stepped onto the forest floor she knew the Woods were different today. She felt the air tremble and she involuntarily shuddered in response. She started to stiffen. Only when she took another step that crunched some brittle leaves and it echoed across the entire expanse before her did she realize how utterly silent the Woods were. And it was a strange silence. A normal kind of silence had just a bit noise, just a bit that it was quite comfortable to be around. Yet this was a silence so devoid of noise that Maribelle’s ears began ringing.

Her instincts were roused immediately. When she could no longer hear the sounds of the forest they kicked into overdrive and began telling her she needed to act. They screamed at her to turn around, to leave, to do anything to escape the silence. And then the screams turned into a wail, the wail turned into a siren, and the siren turned into a overall tone that wouldn’t cease to echo in her mind. Finally she shook off the feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach just enough to turn around. She sucked in a breath when she saw that her path had been erased from behind her.

She felt hot breath on her neck, making the hairs raise and goose bumps to spread all over her skin. She felt a sting on the side of her neck and then a warm, moist puddle spread from the top of her neck down and onto her back. She tenatively touched the back of her neck and her fingertips came back red. She was tempted to look up.. but she started getting dizzy from blood loss. It continued to rush from her as she fell to her knees, then onto her hands, until her eyelids felt heavy and she succumbed to the darkness but not before a red rose petal floated past her nose and landed beside her in the puddle of red staining the ground.

I leave red roses for you,

Your Sweet Assassin