She was running.

Her heart beat loudly in her chest and her breath was short as her bare feet pounded the earth. The tall grass that normally would have felt so lovely caressing her calves now felt like a million lashes on her skin. Her hands were fisted at her sides and her arms swung rapidly as she climbed the incline of the meadow. She raced across the grass, closing the distance between her and the thick forest in front of her. She heard laughter behind her as she tripped on a root and fell to the ground. She scrambled to get up and started running, but not quickly enough. She hit the ground hard again as she was tackled. Hands latched onto her left ankle and her nails dug into the ground as she was pulled backward. She would have screamed but her throat was too raw from the cold night air. All she managed was to whisper a scared no.

Hands gripped her waist as she was thrown over someone’s shoulder and a blindfold covered her eyes. She tried to lash out around her but her hands and feet were bound quickly. She heard a thump from below her and winced as she heard a sword being drawn. Metal clanged as she was tossed to the ground. She ripped off the blindfold and saw the soldiers attacking someone, but the angle was all wrong. She rid herself of the rest of her bonds and jumped up. Soldiers fell one by one until none were left. A panting man stood looking at her holding a bloody sword. She ran to him as he dropped his weapon and grabbed her up. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face, which was now soaked with tears, into his neck. He held her tight as he walked her away from the mess and sat down.

“You came back for me. You shouldn’t have done that.” She managed to whisper to him.

“I’ll always come back. Besides you were supposed to wait for me, that was the plan, remember?” He kissed the top of her head while he spoke softly.

“The plan wasn’t going to work. Look at you, no reinforcements. I love you too much to wait around for something bad to happen to you.” She tossed the words out nonchalantly.

He lifted her chin so he could look her in the eyes to say, “I love you too, always.” She smiled up at him.

He looked at her curiously when she hiccupped once and the smile faded from her face fast. A tear rolled down her face and she pulled his face towards hers into a hurried kiss. He pulled his hand away from the small of her back when he felt moisture on it. It came away a deep red. He looked over her shoulder and saw the shaft of an arrow protruding from her back. He looked at her increasingly pale face and his eyes watered. “You’re going to be okay. Just stay with me, okay? Stay with me, love. Please, stay. Don’t leave me. You’re my everything. Please don’t leave me. I need you.” He picked her up and started carrying her towards the woods. Her eyes fluttered shut. He set her down gently and held her until her heart slowed. He cried over her still warm body and let out a raw cry.

Your Sweet Assassin

6 thoughts on “Always

  1. you have a very unique way to write, your blogs are very interesting. you tell the story with a lot of details that I can picture your story in my head. you’re very good at this. Thanks for sharing. 😉


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